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Twilight Pt. 3: The Fan Girl Interview

So, my cousin Lex is 17 and is the one who begged me to read Twilight. I thought it would be fun if she interviewed me about the series after I finished.

This interview took place using Facebook's fake-email messaging system and I have not edited it all, except to remove the names of the guilty and to make the formatting look decent. Also, we did this in August, right after I finished reading them, so the feelings are immediate, and my Princess Diaries comments are a little out of date. There are also random references, and some spoilers, to Georgia Nicolson.


Lex: so queston numbero uno: What did u think of the Series?

Me: I really liked it! I just had the first one, but as soon as I finished it, I went to the bookstore to get the rest. I'm really looking forward to reading Midnight Sun, and her adult book, The Host.

Lex: i cant wait for Midnight sun. did u like the way she kept moaning on about missing Edward to Jacob in book 2?

Me: I know I'm in the minority here, but I really liked Book 2. I felt really badly for Jacob, because it was obvious that he really liked Bella and she's all "Edward Edward Edward sob sob sob" BUT! I think in that entire book, Meyer really showed how devastating heartbreak can be and how real depression is and how awful it is. I really appreciated how each month was labeled and for three months, it was just a blank page. I think that was simple, but really moving at the same time.

That said, I was really pissed off at Charlie in that book. He should have dragged her off to get professional help really early in that book. Who cares if she wanted it or not, he's the parent, and he should have acted like it.

Have you read the Princess Diaries series yet? (If you haven't, you HAVE TO! The movies are TOTALLY different!) At the beginning of the latest book, Mia is really really depressed after a break up and can't get out of bed or anything, so her body guard picks her up, chucks her in the back of the car and takes her to therapy. Charlie should have done that too. Bella's really small--it wouldn't have been that hard.

Lex: ya, i liked the second book but i do agree with u that to save with all the whining that she should have gone to tharapy. yes i have read the princess diaries series,i just havent read the new one yet which is princess mia. i know that the movies r totally not the same and that made me upset. i hope that they dont mess up the Twilight movie! did u think that it was over dramatic that edward almost provocted the Vultiori then Bella had to go and save his ass?

are u a team Edward or Team Jacob??? im with Edward.

Me: The VERY LAST PRINCESS DIARIES BOOK comes out in January, FYI. Also, the bit I told you about Princess Mia takes place right in the beginning, so I didn't completely ruin it for you!

Anyway, Twilight. Edward's little suicide attempt was totally drama queen. If he really thought Bella was dead he should have (a) confirmed it outside of Alice's head and (b) gone into Vampire therapy!

You'd think that being 100+ years old would give you some perspective on these things.

As far as Team Edward vs. Team Jacob... at the end of Eclipse, I was Team "Run Away and Find a Real Guy" I really didn't like either of them! They were both very controlling and manipulative. They put Bella in a really hard spot and didn't care. They both liked to boss her around and didn't take her emotions, feelings, thought, and ideas seriously. I thought they were both really shitty choices.

And I was really surprised it was a debate! At the end of Eclipse, Edward and Bella are sending out wedding invitations! I really didn't think anything was going to change.

Now, during New Moon, I was totally Team Jacob, because all those issues I had with Edward (See above) he didn't have. But then her turned into a werewolf and Jerk just like Edward.

But, I was happier with them in Breaking Dawn-- once Bella became a vampire, Edward stopped being such a jerkwad and started being a good guy.

Do me a favor Lex-- never date a guy like Edward. Just because he claims to be doing it in the name of love or protecting you doesn't give him the right to control who you see, break into your house to spy on you (sorry "watch you sleep" that's CREEPY) or jack up your car. I don't care how hot he is-- it will not end well. The only way it could POSSIBLY end well is if he turned you into a vampire and you were stronger than him so you could KICK HIS ASS. But, just because that happened to Bella, I doubt it would actually happen in real life!

Lex: ya, i already dated a guy like Edward and u met him and i dumped him. his name was Stupid McIckypants. but the thing with McIckypants was i was already stronger than him so if i wanted to kick his ass i could and still can. but i really do see ur point bout Edward and this is rare for me to say but i really dont want an Edward even tho i think it would be awsome to date and marry a Vampire the chances of it are very very slim if none at all. but at the same time i wouldnt date Jacob either cuz if i was friends with a Vamp i wouldnt let my bf control my friends and family cuz who i am friends with doesnt matter to him. My b day is in 2 weeks! ok that was off topic but i had to put it out there. Now that u have read the series, could u understand why girls like my age r like obbessed with it and like want the perfect guy to kinda be like Edward??? sorry that i dont type in paragraph form and that my grammer kinda sucks, its summer break for me and this is my normal typing way.

Dont u think its kind of annoying how if Alice can see the future then u couldnt have any privicy??

I think that if i ever had to choose between annoying pack hearing all my thoughts or tell the future for every one i would choose the pack cuz then u could at least give some ppl privicy bout their future.

Me: YAY for not wanting an Edward!!!!! I think a lot of girls want an Edward because he's hotttttt and can't get beyond that to see that he's a little creepy in his hottness. (And, to be fair, you're totally hung up on Masimo and Robbie because they're hottttt where Dave the Laugh is awesome but merely cute)

Anyway! I really can see why girls your age are completely obsessed with the series. I would have been too! (Back when I was your age--I can't believe I just said that--we were all obsessed with Anne Rice and Interview with a Vampire and that series of books.)

Anyway, I don't think I would want to date/become a vampire, for a few reasons--1. I don't know if I would be strong enough to not eat people, and I don't want to eat people and 2. I really don't want to live forever, even though I wouldn't mind if I still had the body I had when I was 20!

As far as the Alice thing-- I think it would be annoying, but Alice's visions aren't fail proof-- you can change them--and often, her visions have proved wrong because she saw what was coming and everyone acted accordingly to make that event NOT happen. I think I would be more annoyed with the Pack thing, because you couldn't hide ANYTHING from everyone else in the pack. There are a lot of thoughts in my head that no one else should ever hear! Especially because I often think really mean things. I think I would piss the pack off and they'd eat me or something.

Lex: haha, do u have the ann rice vampire books??? my dad says that i shopuld read them but i cant get my hands on the first book or like any of them. well i know who should play Masimo in the Georgia movies, it should be the guy that played prince caspian. but ya i dont like robbie anymore cuz he went back to octapus girl (i forgot her name). did u see the Georgia movie??? cuz i want to but didnt get the chance. alright back to twilight. What did u think of Bellas acting skills in the first book to try and leave charlie to save his life????

Me: I don't have any of the Ann Rice books anymore-- the first is Interview with a Vampire-- I agree with your dad! You should read them!!!

I haven't seen Prince Caspian yet, so I can't say. Also, I don't know if Robbie really is with Wet Lindsay, I know SHE thinks so, but remember when what's his face, Hunky, said that it seemed to be mostly on her end? I like Robbie a lot, but he and Georgia are just a bad match! Don't worry about not seeing the movie-- it hasn't opened in the US yet-- you haven't missed it at all!!!!

I think Bella's acting skills were pretty good in the first book. I felt really bad for Charlie, because in order to leave, she had to say and do some pretty crappy stuff, but... it works out as to why she had to do it.

Lex: ya, alright, i do remember Tom saying that it was mainly Wet Lindsay. what was ur reaction when Edward called Bella's baby a thing?

Me: I was surprised. Edward's very traditional, so I thought he'd be really excited about the baby. Once it became clear that no one knew what this baby would be and that Edward thought (well, knew) that it was killing Bella, then I understood why he was so squemy about it.

I think the baby thing was a good way for Bella to become a vampire without Edward having to feel weird about killing her, given that she was going to die anyway!

What did you think of the name Renesmee?

Lex: i thought the name Renesmee was hard to pronounce and every time my mom would correct me id almost bite her head off bout it. i love the baby tho. i kinda get why Edward was scared but he should have been a little happy to know that he had a baby, i do agree with u tho bout how to turn Bella

Me: It is a mouthful-- I like Nessie as a nickname though. I think once Edward started to hear her thoughts, before she was born, he turned around and was pretty excited. Before hand, he was just freaked out that Bella was going to die and I don't think he was sure it was a baby at all!

Lex: ya, i like the nickname but i dont think id like my kid being called nessie. im out of questions. im kinda tired


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