Friday, January 23, 2009

Twilight Pt. 1: Poetry Friday

It's Twilight Weekend here at Biblio File. There will be reviews and interviews.

But first, a silly little poem I wrote:

There once was a vampire named Edward
Whom Bella wished to take Bed-ward
He said "Oh! I can't!
I'm a dangerous scamp!"
But Bella said "Bite ME, not the fangirl herd!"

Tee hee hee

Laura Salas is rounding up!


TadMack said...


Ah, Edward. Glittering above the fangirl horde...

Amanda said...

Love that!

And YES I will be in Northern Va!! You made my day!!!!! The hubby will be working in Chantilly, so we'll be living in the Woodbridge/Manassas area (or so we think). If you have any info on good neighborhoods to buy a house in that would be great!