Tuesday, January 13, 2009


In case you don't live in the DC area, I would like to tell you that THE WORLD IS ENDING THIS WEEKEND! As you are probably aware, Tuesday is Inauguration Day. There will be scads of people coming in to see the festivities. Lots and lots and lots of tourists. Plus, you know, it's cold. The DC government ordered the Smithsonians to stay open all day so that the crowds and crowds of people on the mall can warm up and use the bathroom. Only, no one is sure how the people who work at the Smithsonian were supposed to get there. Last I heard, the staff of the American History Museum is having a slumber party on Monday night.

Anyway. We're thinking of walking into town, only it looks like every bridge will be closed, so who knows *how* that will happen.

Even better, there's a 30% chance of snow. This city goes into a blind panic when it starts snowing.

This is the stuff political comedies are made of.

On the other hand, it's a week away. They've promised me snow many times in the past, but as the day draws near, it always gets downgraded to rain. Phooey.

No matter what happens, taking MLK day into the mix, it's a 4 day weekend. YAY!

Anyway, books:

Suite Scarlett Maureen Johnson

Scarlett Martin's family owns a hotel. When each of the Martin children turn 15, they get one room in the hotel that they are in charge of. Scarlett was given the biggest suite in the hotel. And, that very day, a most bizarre and demanding person moves in.

Sadly, the hotel isn't doing that well. Scarlett's older brother and sister are trying to hold onto their dreams while not abandoning the family. Her younger sister is a grade A brat, but you have to be nice to her, because she used to have cancer...

And then, there's a boy.

Everyone really loved this book, so I had really high expectations going in, plus hello! Maureen Johnson! I LOVE HER!

And while this book was good, it did not live up to all that I wanted it to be, especially in the middle. Scarlett makes a lot of bone-headed moves that made me want to kick her. I mean, yes, her decisions are exactly what a 15-year-old girl would do. They were in character, but I still wanted to hurl something at her head.

Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for it? Ah well.

What I Saw And How I Lied Judy Blundell

Something bad has happened. We know this, because the story is told in flashback, but we don't know what. So, as we follow Evie and her mother and step-father down to a last minute vacation to a boarded up Palm Beach, we try to figure it out.

What happened? Who's the bad guy? What are the lies Evie is telling (because, with the title, we assume there are lies, right? At least, I did.)

Palm Beach is dead and fraught with tension as we tease it out.

Evie is struggling to grow up, to be allowed to grow up. She meets a man and falls in love. (And she's a young teen, and this is a man. DANGER WILL ROBINSON!)

Blundell weaves the post-war Florida setting wonderfully but... when we finally got to the end... my thought was "Wait, what? Really?" about 2 different things.

It's been a week, and I'm still not entirely sure about how I feel about this book. Hmmmmm. Have you read it? What did you think?

Also, in her bio, for some reason, "Under a pen name, she has written many New York Times best-selling novels" really rubs me the wrong way. If you're not going to tell me what else they are, then don't bring it up! It's like going "I know a secret and you don't"



Anonymous said...

Judy Blundell also writes as Jude Watson for all her Star Wars books

- Joanne

Jennie said...

That is totally awesome! Thanks for cluing me in!

MotherReader said...

Oh, Jennie. If it snows... Lord help us. The DC area does NOT do snow well.

I had wanted to go until we had all those really cold days in December. Then I remembered how much I hate being out in the cold. My husband also nixed bringing the kids in those crowds - and he's right. I think we'll try to find something local to go to. Maybe the Arlington Cinema and Draft House.

Jennie said...

Ooooo... Draft House. That's in my neighborhood! I walk there anyway because it's only blocks away instead of miles!

But... we also have out out town guests with tickets, so we might walk with them just to show them how to get there...

Who knows? I really do think this decision will be made on Tuesday morning. :)

Anonymous said...

It is going to be quite insane this weekend -- I'm scared! I live in Southern Maryland and hotels are all completely booked down our way, too. I doubt we'll get any snow, though; they've been saying we were going to have snow flurries all week, and I didn't see a flake.

I'll be watching the inaugural festivities by streaming them on my work computer -- I'm not even going to try and get downtown!