Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Announcements pt 2: Putumayo just got even more Awesome

Ok, so, you may or may not know that I am in LOVE with Putumayo. Seriously, those people are incapable of putting out a bad CD. I look forward to each new release.

Now, I usually don't buy their kid CDs, even though I use them all the time at work--my storytime opening music is "Fatou Yo" from World Playground. But I CANNOT WAIT for their newest release to come out. CAN NOT WAIT.

And it's a kid CD.

Putumayo has teamed up with Sesame Street to bring us Putumayo Kids Presents: Sesame Street Playground.

And you're all, dude, another Sesame Street CD. Whoop-de-doo.

BUT! This CD/DVD set features songs and videos from not just American Sesame Street, but from Sesame Streets around the world. Everything from "Galli Galli Sim Sim" which is the theme in India, the "Rubber Duckie" in Chinese! 13 songs, only 2 from the American version (Sadly, yes, "Elmo's Song" is one of them, and the other is "Sing" but by the kids, NOT by Crystal Gale. I remember when Crystal Gale was on Sesame Street--I was enchanted with her long, long hair. But then, I remember when Maria and Luis started dating. Now their kid is like, in college.)

I think most of us know that Sesame Street exists in many forms around the world, because they all make their own, it's not like they just overdub our version, but now we can actually enjoy it! Click here for clips and some of the videos.

It's out on September 30, but I'm pre-ordering now. You know you want to, too!

Also, I came across some stuff when I was working on an archives project for school--did you know Sesame Street was super controversial when it came out? People were not fond of a show that was based on commercials to teach kids--they thought that it would actually make children less prepared for school and would be detrimental to their brains!


Susan said...

"you light up my life..."

i'm not a big fan of putumayo though...try finding non lame international music for YA programs...

Jennie said...

Have you tried the Putumayo Groove series? It might be a little old for YA tastes, but has nonlame stuff...

Puffy Ami Yumi?

Basement Banghra is a great disc that I think teens wouldn't find too bad...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE their kids stuff for school. My kids love the banana phone song. They sing it at home and make their parent snuts. I love it.

cessie said...

I so love Putumayo cd' never can have enough of those :-)
I had not heard about the Sesame Street cd yet but it sounds very tempting!