Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Spotlight Kinda Sucks

Well, I've gone through and added pictures and links to this weekend's posts... now, some more books!

Airhead Meg Cabot

After an accident at the Stark Megastore Grand Opening, Emerson Watts wakes up to find that her cynical, anti-fashion, uber-geek gamer girl brain has been transplanted into the body of Nikki Howard, teen super model. Em Watts is dead, Nikki Howard is alive. It also quickly becomes apparent that the transplant wasn't done to keep Em's spirit alive, but rather, to keep Nikki alive to fulfill her contractual obligations as the face of Stark Enterprises...

Cabot said this was an edgier book. And it's edgy... for Cabot. She does touch on the ethics of brain transplants and the results thereof. It's also apparent that Stark Enterprises (which has its finger in everything, like a very evil Virgin) is spying on Nikki. This plot doesn't get very far, but has the potential to get into seriously edgy material.

Em is a very un-silly, un-shallow heroine. She's someone I could relate to. This would be a great book for people who find Cabot's other work a little light. There are a lot of loose ends at the end of the book, so I'm very much looking forward to Being Nikki, which comes out next May (2009).

Also, we get the 5th Jessica Darling book next May, too! Yay!

Audrey, Wait! Robin Benway

Even if Evan was a stoned slacker who only talked about himself, it wasn't easy for Audrey to dump him. The kicker is that he goes and writes a song about it that catapults up the charts. Suddenly, the paparazzi is chasing her, her cell phone number's been leaked, and she's being seriously misquoted in the press. Audrey just wants to get back to normal, and the country is debating Audrey's love life.

Funny, while still dealing with Audrey's freak-outs at being thrust into the spotlight in a realistic manner, this book didn't disappoint.

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Yeah 5th Jessica Darling book! Let me know when you have an exact release date!