Thursday, July 10, 2008


Before we get to our regularly scheduled reviewing, some announcements.

Quiescit anima libris
has an excellent post today about catalogers and how, despite popular library-world sentiment, we are NOT the enemy. (Ok, I'm not a cataloger, but I do love cataloging and have been a cataloger and might be one again someday. Mmmmm... cataloging...)

Also, there's still time to enter my drawing for a free (hardcover! not an ARC!) copy of Playing with Fire by Derek Landy. Information can be found here.

AND! I haven't done my Top 9 for [insert month here] since April! So, click on the store and see my top 9 for July!

Anyway, some books, yes.

I've been reading lots of Alice lately.

Alice the Brave Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

It's the summer before 8th grade. Alice is excited to be an 8th grader, but the summer's being spent at Mark Stedmeister's pool and Alice is TERRIFIED of the deep water. Can she deal with her fear without doing something absolutely mortifying?

Lots of angst about over coming various fears. Also, the typical Alice banter with questions about bodies, sex, and growing up.

Alice in Lace

Well, it's a critical choices unit in health class. Pamela has to pretend she's having a baby and do her report on all the options she has and the effects. Elizabeth has to do hers on buying a used car. Alice and Patrick are supposed to plan a wedding, honeymoon, and set up an apartment with only $5000, plus set up a monthly budget.

And here the differences in Patrick and Alice's background start to come out. Also, there is some serious drama surrounding the assignment (and not the made up teen drama that surrounds everything in Alice's life, but real drama)

Also, this one was initially confusing, because I accidentally read Outrageously Alice first. Whoops!

Outrageously Alice Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Alice wants to stand out and be noticed. But, there are so many weird things going on. Alice is a bridesmaid, Halloween goes dreadfully wrong, and Pamela's family has hit the fan. Plus, it's pretty obvious Miss Summers has two boyfriends!

Will any of Alice's attempts to shine in her own way NOT end in disaster?

Of course not.

Achingly Alice Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Miss Summers is spending Christmas with the McKinleys! Yay! Right? Well... she's spending New Years with Mr. Sorringer so... who does she like more?

Alice is starting to understand though, because Sam from Camera Club pretty obviously likes Alice. Alice likes Sam too, he's nice and caring, but what about Patrick?

So, here's the deal. Alice is a very real character. I wish I had discovered her when I was 12. I don't know why I didn't, I mean, she was around then. But her constant worrying about boys, and sex, and bodies, and her mortal embarrassment over everything... basically, the very things that make her such a true and honest character, as an adult grate on my a bit after reading 3 books in a row.... so... the lesson is... space your Alice, so she'll just be winning. But you should read her. And you should give her to all the younger teens in your life (because Alice is one of those series that ages up, so they'll be friends with her for a long, long time.)

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