Monday, June 23, 2008

The Secret Life of Librarians...

This weekend I... read 6 books, cleaned the house, hosted a party, went to see Emmylou Harris in concert, watched some TV, saw Big Rig, and spent a lot of time messing around on the internet.

It was a good weekend.

Let's talk about 3 of the books I read this weekend. We're going to slightly stretch "nonfiction" here. (Amazon is not playing with me right now. Linkies and pictures will come later)

Princess Lessons Meg Cabot

Told from the point of view of different characters from the popular Princess Diaries series, this book gives pointers on how to be the perfect princess. Everything is covered from how to write an excellent thank-you note, to posture, to how to defend yourself if your bodyguard is otherwise occupied. We hear from Grandmere, Lars, Lilly, Tina, Michael, and a host of others, all with Mia's commentary. Plus, movie lists by Mia and Lilly.

A fun companion volume for die-hard fans of the series.

Perfect Princess Meg Cabot

Once again, a companion volume to Princess Diaries. This on is cataloged as fiction though. In it, Mia, Grandmere, Michael et al. go through and list princesses through history, myth, legend, and pop culture and Mia gleans a lesson that can be learned from each. Every one from Elizabeth the 1 to Xena is covered in each characters voice and fashion.

There's also a fun rundown of who's a princess and who isn't (Britney Spears and Strawberry Shortcake are NOT princesses).

An irreverent and fun look at girl royals of all stripes.

Holiday Princess> Meg Cabot

The Library of Congress says this is nonfiction. My library, however, says it's fiction.

Focusing mainly on Christmas, with quick nods to Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year, Mia and co. tell us how to shop for boys and how Christmas is celebrated around the world, covering New York, Genovia, and everywhere in between. Also, Mia and Lilly's top holiday movies, the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne, and lots of holiday crafting fun...

Over all, these three companion volumes are fun additions to the series, with every character playing their part, but nothing I'd ever use for research!

Picture Book of the Day has the roundup!

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