Sunday, June 29, 2008

Poetry Mini-Challenge

Ok! Another Mini Challenge, this one from 1330V again!

Keeping with this weeks Poetry Friday theme, I'm going to go with more Classical Chinese poetry, because I love it.

I Leave Town to See a Friend Off and, Missing Him, Stroll by the Stream

by Su Shi (1037-1101)

The friend I came to see off has already gone,
The flowers I hoped to find have not yet bloomed;
But rather than return to town
I stroll beside the stream,
Till an old man greets me
And asks where I have been.
After a good rain and snow this year,
They look forward to a thousand stacks of wheat.


Vasilly said...

That's great poetry. Thank you for participating! Happy readings and good luck.

Unknown said...

Nice poem.

You're more than halfway there.

When you're all finished and had some sleep, stop by my blog to enter a special book giveaway for read-a-thon participants.

Keep reading.