Sunday, June 29, 2008

Geography Mini-Challenge

So, for this challenge, I'm supposed to grab 5 facts off Wikipedia about the location of my book.

The Alice series mainly takes place in Silver Spring, MD.

Here are 5 facts:

Silver Spring lies just north of Washington, DC
It has the headquarters of the Discovery Channel
It's seen a lot of regeneration in the past 10 years
In 1840, Francis Preston Blair discovered a mica-flecked spring and built a huge mansion in the area that he called Silver Spring
The bus station at the Silver Spring metro is the busiest in all of metro DC

Now, I used to live in Silver Spring and I still go there a lot because we still have friends there and that's where my doctor is.

So, here are 5 more facts:

During Shark Week, the Discovery Channel building has a giant blow-up shark's head on one side, and a tail on the other. The other sides and roof get fins. It's pretty cool. There's also a dinosaur in the lobby that you can see when you drive past.
Everything in town is named for Blair and his descendants.
There's a giant piece of astro-turf downtown that people gather on as if it were real green space, but it's fun to see-- families haning out, teenagers on dates, kids running around.
Silver Spring as an American Film Institute movie theater, which gets some really cool movies.
If you're going to downtown DC, it's faster to take the metro than to drive, not even factoring in the headaches of trying to park in downtown DC.

Hope you learned something!

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