Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Elizabeth Scott

I feel like I've made a new friend. I read two Elizabeth Scott books in a row last weekend and just wanted to keep reading more. She has a brand new one out,Stealing Heaven that I'm hoping to get my hands on soon. It's too new for me to ILL it, but maybe one of the libraries I'll frequent will get it soon, or I'll wait about another month and should be able to get it...

But, here's what I did read:

Bloom Elizabeth Scott

Lauren's everything you're supposed to want to be. She has the perfect boyfriend--cute, popular, and super sweet. She has a great best friend, and she's almost one of the popular crowd...

But... (and there's always a but). There's nothing for her at home but an empty house. She doesn't really have anything in common with her best friend and while her boyfriend is generally seen as perfect, he's kinda boring and not really the guy for her. The only thing she's really excited about is jazz band, but that's dorky so she hides it. She doesn't tell her boyfriend, best friend, or father when she's given a major solo in the concert. She doesn't even tell them she has a concert.

But how can she break out of what everyone expects she is in order to be who she actually is? It might take Evan, the son of her father's ex-girlfriend moving back to town to show her what she has inside her.

I love how there is no perfect characters in this book. Everyone has their issues of varying levels and all are believable. There's a fair amount of teen angst, but it was like listening to my own inner monologue during my high school years. It's not over the top, but rather perfectly bitter sweet. I was back in high school all over again, standing at my locker, looking at people who could easily have been Scott's characters.

The next book I read was:

Perfect You Elizabeth Scott

Kate's life is pretty much over. Her best friend lost a ton of weight over the summer and is now super popular and is completely ignoring her. Kate's dad quit a good job to sell infomercial vitamins at the mall, forcing Kate to work with her. Finances are so bad, her grandmother (whom nobody likes) moves in to help out. And then, to top it all off, Will, hook-up king and all around jerk won't leave her alone.

But Anna wants to be Kate's friend in private. Will might be a jerk but why is he such a good kisser? It just throws Kate for a further loop. Kate's life is not-so-slowing spiraling into severe crapitude, and there's not one thing she can do about it.

I loved Kate's voice, especially in talking back to Will. I love how she always just dished it out. At times she seemed unsympathetic to her parents and completely bratty about her family's situation but... she's 16. It was a completely believable action. She wasn't always likable, but she was always real.

Lucky for us, Scott has another book coming out this fall, and then another one next spring. I can't wait.

Full disclosure: Perfect You was provided by the author.

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