Sunday, June 08, 2008

45 Hours, 10 Minutes

Hours read/blogging: 39 hours, 10 minutes

Number of books read: 18

Number of pages read: 4025

WARNING: I am reviewing series books. While this review contains no spoilers for this book, it probably contains spoilers for previous volumes in this series. It’s the nature of the beast.

Princess on the Brink Meg Cabot

Michael has invented a robot that will do heart surgery without having to crack open someone's chest. Only he had to go to JAPAN for OVER A YEAR to get it up and running. He needs to prove to the world and to Mia's family that he's worthy of a princess. It's his quest, but Mia's not handling it well... especially when he tells her that he's sick of cold showers so not being around her all the time without doing IT might make his life a little easier.

So maybe it's time to give him her Precious Gift (just the fact she calls it that shows she's so not ready yet) and then he'll change his mind and stay in New York.

I hate J.P.-- I'll add thoughts on this later if still necessary after reading the next book...

update: See my thoughts after my review of Princess Mia.

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