Sunday, June 08, 2008

29 hours, 40 minutes

Hours read/blogging: 24 hours, 25 minutes

Number of books read: 9

Number of pages read: 2358

WARNING: I am reviewing series books. While this review contains no spoilers for this book, it probably contains spoilers for previous volumes in this series. It’s the nature of the beast.

Princess in Love Meg Cabot

Somehow Mia has ended up actually dating Kenny. And all of her friends have a boyfriend... and Mia has Kenny. Too bad she doesn't like like him. Nope, she still lurves Michael, who may have a girlfriend. Because that's bad enough, finals are approaching and when she goes to Genovia for Christmas, she has to address her subjects-to-be. Grandmere is insisting she wears a dress by a Genovian designer-- her distant cousin Sebastiano. (Who may be trying to kill her, as he's next in line for the throne if she's not in the picture. Only what he does might actually be worse.)

Ah... love. Hilarious still. I love Mia's voice.

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