Saturday, June 07, 2008

22 hours, 15 minutes

Hours read/blogging: 17 hours

Number of books read: 6

Number of pages read: 1538

WARNING: I am reviewing series books. While this review contains no spoilers for this book, it probably contains spoilers for previous volumes in this series. It’s the nature of the beast.

Pure Dead Frozen Debi Glori

And it all comes to a head as Baci gives birth, S'tan gives up on Isagoth, and Don Lucifer is determined to finish off his half-brother once and for all. Which means all forces of good and evil are converging on StergaSchloss at the same time. In a blizzard. Plus, there are literally wolves at the door. And in the kitchen.

With the exception of the first 50ish pages, the entire book read like one big climax, which was a bit draining, really. I did, however, enjoy the comic relief of Isagoth trying to deal with the stolen human baby. Also, why did Ffup's gestation take SO MUCH LONGER in these last 2 books than her 1st one did in book 3 (was it 3?)

Time for a new series!

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