Sunday, June 29, 2008

21 Hours, 40 minutes

Hours Spent Reading/Blogging/mini-challenging: 15 Hours, 40 minutes

Mini Challenges Completed/Won: 11 or 12/1

Books Read: 8

Pages Read: 1355

The Queen of Cool Cecil Castelluci

Libby, ultimate in girl, realizes that her friends are unbelievably boring and her existence is rather vapid. After signing up for an internship at the zoo, she befriends some dorks and freaks and realizes there is more to life than being popular.

Short chapters, a quick and compelling read with good main characters. It speaks volumes to Castelluci's skills that the story doesn't come across as trite or hackneyed, or like a bad after school special. Rather, the story sucks you in and we long for Libby to make the right decisions...

But this one did take me a really long time to read as I kept zoning out or briefly dozing off... just over 2 more hours. I don't know if I'll finish 2 more books in that time but let's see what happens, shall we?

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