Friday, June 06, 2008

2 hours and 5 Minutes

Hours read/blogging: 2 hours, 5 minutes

Number of books read: 1

Number of pages read: 182

Pure Dead Magic Debi Glori

High in the Scottish Highlands sits an Austrian castle with an Italian family. There's a boy obsessed with computer games, a girl, and a baby. Dad's just left and Mum's a wreck, so she hires a very no-nonsense nanny who makes good French Fries.

Of course, Dad's been kidnapped by his gangster half-brother and mum's back off to witch school and the nanny just happens to be a witch too.

And Pandora, the girl, accidentally shrunk Damp, the baby. And Titus, the boy, accidentally sent her off as part of an email attachment. Luckily, there's a spider who knows a thing or two about webs. Maybe then can all save Dad if a gung-weilding giant bunny doesn't kill them first.

Pretty silly, in a magic + high tech thriller + crazy sort of way. I'll be recommending this series quite often!

Off to read some more!

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