Sunday, June 29, 2008

16 Hours, 45 Minutes

Hours Spent Reading: 10 hours, 45 minutes

Mini Challenges Completed/Won: 11/0

Books Read: 6

Pages Read: 973

WARNING: I am reviewing series books. While this review contains no spoilers for this book, it probably contains spoilers for previous volumes in this series. It’s the nature of the beast.

Alice In-Between Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Ah the summer before 8th grade and Alice isn't a kid anymore, but not quite a teenager and feeling like she doesn't really fit anywhere.

The age her mother dies has steadily gotten younger. In the first few books, she was 5. Then a few books ago, Alice said she was 4 or 5 when she died. Now she's saying she was 4.

Bigger things are happening in this book-- more adult things. Early on she and Lester have to rescue Crystal from an octopus man and Alice needs that knowledge later in the book.

Due to the increasing seriousness of the books, and the fact I'm sleep deprived means I keep crying when she's feeling particularly mother-less, I'm going to switch series to something a little more light-hearted.

Stay tuned!


Care said...

OK! I'm staying tuned! Actually, I just woke up and am going to make some coffee! YOU'RE DOING AWESOME! wow

Maree said...

Going great! :)

Darcie said...

Jennie - I won the 5 book mooch points you donated! Thanks so much!

Ana S. said...

Keep up the great work :)