Friday, May 30, 2008

Poetry Friday

I'm off to Grinnell this morning for my 5th year reunion. In fact I'm blogging this yesterday. But here's a poem looking back at the 6 years since graduation.

6 years since graduation
5 new jobs
4 new places to live
3 new blogs
2 new grad programs started
1 "new" car

1 puppy
2 jobs left in despair
3 Thanksgivings hosted
4 trips overseas
5 hamsters buried in various backyards
6 pairs of jeans

6 trips for Christmas
5 Rosh Hashannahs
4 non-work email addresses
3 trips to the hospital
2 funerals
1 mortgage

1 love standing next to me
2 gained siblings
3 beds
4 Major League Baseball games
5 wedding anniversaries
6 years since graduation

Have a great weekend!


Kelly said...

Awww, Jennie, that's so sweet! Maybe I'll see you around town this weekend :)

danrothschild said...

We have two mortgages. Twenty percent down payment? Inside the Beltway? Yeah right!


Anonymous said...

:) I like that poem! -Abby

Jennie said...

Kelly! It was great to run into you on Saturday!

Dan-- right. 2 mortgages. But I figured since both are for the same house that I could extend a little poetic license.

Thanks Abbhy!

M. Molly said...

Um... five dead hamsters? Should we call a social worker, Jennie?

Jennie said...

Hamsters don't live that long! And we always had 2 at a time.

Bitey the Wonder Hamster and Chloe both lived in 3 different states with us!

Now we just have Sassy the Wiggle Puppy and one of my greatest fears is that she'll dig up the hamster graveyard...