Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Here Comes the Bride!

Take a look at the newest member of my family! Will's the young guy in the tux, you know, the one standing next to the bride. Not that he hasn't been a defacto member of the family for years, but, you know. It's all official and everything now.

Plus, how awesome does my sister look? And how beautiful of a place did they pick to get married? On a lake! In the mountains. As much as I loved Iowa, and as much as I love DC, it's really obvious why Abbey never left Asheville after she graduated from college. I mean, DO YOU SEE THE MOUNTAINS?!

I cried throughout the whole thing, but the wedding was wonderful and the reception (also on the lake) was awesome and involved a lot of really tasty barbecue.

Also, I need to give credit to Terry Dawson for taking the photo. I blatantly stole it off his Flickr page because that's the kind of girl I am.

AND! Yesterday I finished another semester of grad school. I have 2 months off before I start up again with YA lit. I graduate in December, assuming I haven't failed anything.

AND! In even bigger news, you know I work full time, right? And am in school half-time? You know how I totally jacked my back a few months ago? Well, I've been in physical therapy since then. It eats about 6 hours of my week because appointments and the fact that my therapist is on the opposite side of the metro area. I got news today that Friday's appointment is my LAST ONE.

So, now I have all this free time! For reading and blogging! (Sorry Dan-- I mean cleaning the guest bedroom.)

Actually, I'm just happy because until mid-July, the only things I have going on in my life are work and well, living my life. Yay!

Reviews coming soon, I promise.

PS-- Vote in my sidebar for what I should read during the 48 hour challenge in a few weeks!


Anonymous said...

You ALL look awesome. Please pass on my congrats. -Abby

MotherReader said...

A toast to MORE TIME! Wahoo! I'm counting down my girls' school days and my own days at the branch across town. Summer, come on down!

Jennie said...

Abby-- I'll tell her!

MR-- Totally. I'm so excited to maybe see my husband once in a while. I can't wait! And to be home 2 nights a week! yay!