Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's OUT! YAY!

Today is the US publication of the long-awaited

Forever Rose Hilary McKay

Well, long-awaited by everyone but me, because, as you know I have no self-control and so I had this shipped from England last winter.

And, really, it is a Christmas story, so the British pub date made more sense BUT! in the very last Casson family book, do we really care?

After Rose totally hijacked Caddy Ever After, McKay gave her the last book, and the last word in the family saga that started with Saffy's Angel.

With Daddy in London and Mummy always in her shed painting, with Saffy always out with Sarah and Indigo delivering papers and hanging out with David, and with Caddy never having returned after going looking for Darling Michael (although Darling Michael is back in town), and Tom all the way in New York, Rose's house seems very empty, and very lonely.

Except for David. David and his stupid drum set ARE always around, much to Rose's chagrin.

School isn't much better, as Mr. Spencer is absolutely horrible and mean. And Rose hates reading.

And meanwhile, it's only 12 days to Christmas and Kiran's family has 3 trees, including a 6 foot deluxe fiber-optic Norwegian fir. Rose's family doesn't have any tree and Rose is a bit afraid that they might have all forgotten about Christmas.

But life with the Cassons, as fans of the series know, is never dull, and in this last story, McKay ties up all the loose ends and as neat as a bow as this family will ever manage, or be content with.

Wonderful and perfect.

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