Thursday, April 17, 2008

48 Hour Strategy

MotherReader's 48 Hour Book Challenge is June 6-8. I've been looking forward to this since last year's challenge. Prizes are given for most books read, most pages read, and most hours spent reading.

Last year, the stats were:

Most books: 20
Most pages: 5,433
Most hours: 32

I, however, only pulled off 9 books, plus parts of some other books, 2,213 pages, and 26.5 hours.

I can TOTALLY beat that this year.

Last year, I was stunted in a few ways:

1. I found out about the challenge the Wednesday before it started
2. I had a dinner party/BBQ and a group meeting for school
3. I had to read parts of my text book, which was boring and did not read fast

This year, I'm out to win. (I fully think reading should be a competitive sport.)

Last year, I realized that series books were good, because you didn't have to resurface from one world and then try to settle into a different world with a different writing style.

This year, I'm going to pick a series or two and make a lot of coffee. I also hope that 7-11 brings back the Full Throttle slushie. AND! I have a hammock this summer to lie in while reading. I made Dan put it on his calendar so he doesn't make any plans for us that weekend.

This year, I'm going for the gold. And I don't even have to worry about Chinese geo-politics to do it!

Anyway, there's now a survey over in the sidebar so you can vote on which series I should read. (ie, which ones you want to read about me reading!)

Also, suggest other series that you think I should be looking at!


Abby said...

I've never been able to participate in a 48HBC, but I'm so looking forward to it this year! I have it on my calendar, too!

Jennie said...

It was really fun last year. I'm also having way to much time prepping for this year!