Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I hate my life

No Elif Shafak for me.

There's some nasty weather going on. My way from work to Politics and Prose overlaps with my commute home. I left work at 5:45. I got to the splitting point in the where I had to decide: reading? or home? at 7. I knew by the time I got to the bookstore, I would have missed the event.

I got home at 7:50. I live 10 miles from work.


But, for once in my life, I voted for a winner!


Renee said...

I know how you feel- I live 8 miles from work and it took me two hours when it snowed during rush hour here (Chicago)- I think I would cry if I have to do that any time soon again-

Susan said...

that sucks, but that's life as a beltway bandit. the "country" life is treating me well...no more beltway and i'm 1.5 miles from work. booyah!! :)