Monday, January 28, 2008

Library Books

First things first, there's a new banned books list over in the sidebar.

Second things second, I read a whole bunch of library books this weekend, so here we go:

After Hamelin Bill Richardson

It is a special day when you turn eleven. On their eleventh birthday, girls go too see Cuthbert, the hermit in the cave to learn of their gift.

But, on Penelope's eleventh birthday, she wakes up suddenly unable to hear. It is the only thing that saves her, for on Penelope's eleventh birthday, the Pied Piper returns and charms all of the children out of Hamelin.

Penelope must use her gift, the gift of deep dreaming to find and rescue her sister, her neighbors, and her friends.

A wonderful story with a gentle prose that captures you-- I found it very hard to put down. I especially liked the Tolavians that Penelope meets on her journey.

The story is told in the frame as Penelope turns 101 and is facing death, she looks back on her life, writing it down for the next generation. It's really well done.

Skulduggery Pleasant Derek Landy

One of the Top 10 Best Books for Young Adults, Skulduggery is a detective. Of course, he's also a skeleton with a sharp sense of style who can hurl fireballs.

Stephanie is stunned to discover that she's inherited her uncle's house after his sudden death. She's even more stunned with people start attacking her in order to get a key. When Skulduggery rescues her, she demands to be his partner and learn the magic he knows.

It quickly becomes apparent that magic is real and under our feet, and that myth and legend might actually be fact. Of course, if Stephanie and Skulduggery can't figure this out fast enough, it'll be a moot point when the world is destroyed.

Hilarious and suspenseful, I loved Stephanie and Tanith (ok, I'm a fan of girls who know how to wield a sword.)

This is really well done urban fantasy. I also liked the illustrations on the first letter of each chapter. I can't wait for Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing with Fire, which comes out at the end of April.

Ok, I was going to do more, but Blogger's going down soon, so it'll keep.


Terry Dawson said...

Thanks - interesting as always, and how do I get more time to read?!? But there's a problem with the link for "Banned Books 2008" -- you've got an extra "http//" in there, I believe.

How was Florida? Any tips for travelers?

Susan said...

Skulduggery is one of our books for Cafe Book....and is one of the favorites among the middle schoolers.

I just read Laika. I liked it. But I am trying to decide if it is of middle school interest...i.e. interesting enough for cafe book next year or just plain ol' booktalking...

Jennie said...

Terry-- well... you could listen to music while reading instead of making it yourself... but don't do that.

And thanks for the heads up about the broken link-- stupid idiot-proof web publishing. Things would be so much easier if I could just do my own html. (Those are words I never thought I'd say...)

Susan-- Skulduggery is fun. I'm looking forward to the sequel. I haven't gotten around to Laika yet. Do you have a test teen you could give it to and see what they think?