Thursday, November 08, 2007

First comes love, then comes marriage

Some sequel lovin' for y'all today. Interesting note--these are all sequels to things I read in June as part MotherReader's 48 hour challenge.

First off, woot! A new SASS book!

The Finnish Line by Linda Gerber

Mo is very glad to be escaping her Olympic-champion family to (hopefully) ski jump in peace while studying in Finland. While there, she realizes she can't escape her family's fame. She learns a lot of skiing history and tries to reconcile her feelings about her family with how her host sister is used as a commodity by her host parents.

We learn a lot about injustice--both in how the Roma are treated in current Finnish society and in how women can't compete in the Olympics for ski jumping.

One of the better titles in this series. I especially liked the examination of Roma/Finnish clashes and the history of skiing.

Then we have the sequel to The Salem Witch Tryouts

Competition's a Witch by Kelly McClymer

Pru may be on the cheerleading squad, but she's still stuck in remedial magic and can't cheer at any non-mortal games until then. She needs to study her cheer off if she's going to test out early. That might be a bit of a problem, as the super nosy (mortal) next door neighbor has a super hott son. And Pru's kewl status is hanging in the balance, especially with the squad's dismissal of all things mortal.

But if she can't get her squad to listen to her, how can she get them working together to win the regional cheer competition?

Gotta love a bubbly book about magic AND cheerleading. Lots of fun, but Pru's obsession with kewl is more annoying than ever. It' COOL! Not KEWL! "Kewl" is so "Cartman joins NAMBLA"


Kate said...

OK... I usually just read you on my Google Reader.

But I HAD to drop in to say thanks for featuring some fun books and brain candy. It's the time of year when holiday stress kicks in, which makes it PERFECT for books like these!

Jennie said...

I'm a big fan of the brain candy. Thanks for stopping in and saying hi!