Saturday, October 06, 2007


Want to hear something totally embarrassing? There are books I read last October that I haven't reviewed yet. Yeah, I'm really that far behind. (Well, kinda. I've been really good this summer about blogging a book shortly after I read it, but there's all this stuff from before then... oiy.)

Today's song is Tyrone [Live Version] by Erykah Badu. It has nothing to do with anything, it's just in my head.

Oh, and I'm over at Geek Buffet today, talking about banned books. I hope y'all take a look at the banned books lists in the right sidebar. The 2007 list has had a lot of books added in the past week or so.

Anyway, some good books for an upcoming winter, with short reviews because I read them a really long time ago...

As Simple as Snow by Gregory Galloway

Otherwise known as the book that totally ruined Looking for Alaska for me.

Our nameless protaganist is just a normal guy, until he meets Anna, the new girl in town. Anna's written an obituary for everyone in town. Anna likes codes-- especially the one developed by the Houdini's and is obsessed with the numbers stations.

But then, Anna disappears, her dress found by a hole in the ice. But is she gone? And if she is, where?

Haunting and tragic. Be sure to check out the website.

I may have been the last person on earth to read Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke.

I liked it. English magicians have long studied magic, but few have dared try to actually use it. But Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell will break that taboo to help England win the Napoleonic Wars and become the toast of London society. Their partnership will turn to rivalry and the fairies aren't really that happy about any of it, either.

A delightful Regency comedic romp, complete with footnotes about the history of English magic.


M. Molly said...

Jennie, you are dead.
Look pray pray-say answer-say pray-quickly look answer-be quick look pray-now speak answer-tell pray-tell answer-pray pray-quickly pray-tell answer look answer-be quick answer-pray pray pray-quickly answer-tell pray-now pray-tell answer-say.

Jennie said...

If you're the one writing it, I'm in good hands. Just make me look good ok?

Jennie said...

and yes, I did decode that. Just like I decoded the acknowledgements sections at the end of the book.