Sunday, October 28, 2007

Let's Go Red Sox (clap clap clapclapclap)

What a long couple of days it's been. Dan and I were going to go out tonight, but I feel asleep while he was looking up movie times. Now I'm up and we're watching the baseball game (bottom of the 7th) and playing Scrabble.

Except we're super-dorks and playing Scrabble on Facebook, which means we're sitting next to each other on the couch, with our laptops in our, um, laps and playing.

Today was Books for the Beast. Gail Giles gave a great talk. You wouldn't know it from her books, but that woman is hilarious. With a most excellent pair of pink shoes.

There were book discussions and then Mark Siegel gave a most excellent talk about his work both as a graphic novelist and as the Editorial Director for :01. You know how obsessed I am with them.

Yesterday I went to the doctor and got my flu shot and so now my arm hurts.

The day before that I went to Kids Are Customers, hosted by the Maryland Library Association. I got to spend some time with Susan of Wizards Wireless and Julie of Reader's Carousel.

There was a lot of great information (I'm already geared up for next summer's Summer Reading Program. Oiy.) and Lulu Delacre. I'm still processing a lot of stuff from both days.

Book reviews and more information will follow.

And with that, the Sox have won the game and Dan has wiped the floor with me Scrabble-wise.

Ah well.


Susan said...

Beast was super!! we should make a non-beastly date sometime, it was nice to see you. i hadn't expected Gail Giles to be into pink clothing and Mark Siegel was a cutey.

Susan said...

oh!! I meant to say that I am currently reading Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List, another partnering of Cohn and Levithan of Nick and Norah fame. Still waiting for another character name Thom to appear. ha. anyway, thought you would like the book, although I haven't gotten far yet.

Jennie said...

I loved Naomi and Ely. I haven't gotten around to reviewing it yet, but I will. I think I like it even more than Nick and Norah.

We totally need to hang out again soon, and rope Elizabeth in as well...

Anonymous said...

I loved Naomi and Ely too. Not sure if it beats Nick and Norah but great..

My flu shot hurt my arm for almost a week. I sympathize