Monday, October 22, 2007

Horror Weekend

Hmmmm... my 48 Hour Challenge training weekend did not exactly go down as planned. I blame the Oxygen network for showing What a Girl Wants (horrible movie that I love) followed immediately by Bend It Like Beckham. If I didn't have that party to go to, I don't think I ever would have gotten off the couch.

But, I did get some reading done:

What Happened to Cass McBride? Gail Giles

Cass is the horrible, awful, perfect, resume-packer "it" girl of her high school. David Kirby (loser) asked her out. Cass wrote a bitchy note to her best friend. David Kirby read it and hung himself.

David's brother Kyle wants Cass to suffer for what she did. He wants Cass to pay for all the pain she caused David and others. Kyle wants Cass to pay. So he drugs her, kidnaps her, and buries her alive.

Told in multiple perspectives-- Cass, Kyle, and a third person narrative of the lead detective trying to find her, Giles has written an engrossing psychological study--both of Kyle and of Cass. It's suspense and will keep you turning the pages. Make sure you finish it well before bedtime.

Now, lots of manga. (This is a series-- later reviews will have minor spoilers for earlier titles. You've been warned)

Death Note, Volume 1: Boredom Tsugumi Ohba

Shinigami (death gods) have notebooks in which they write down people's names. Once in the book, the person dies. Ryuk (a Shinigami) is bored and drops his notebook. Once a human picks it up, it belongs to the human. Light Yagami picks it up and starts killing off criminals, one by one, making a safer and better world.

L is an unseen super-detective brought in to solve the case. What L doesn't know is that Light's father is in charge of the case. Knowing the moves of the police allows Light to always stay one move ahead, but for how long?

A really fun read. I checked out the rest that my library had right away.

Death Note, Volume 2: Confluence Tsugumi Ohba

Light knows Ray's name. But how to get the names of the other FBI agents? Meanwhile, L is working much more closely with the police. In person, in fact.

L suspects Light and Light knows it. It's a battle of wits and will. Who will come out ahead?

I love the way L and Light second guess each other's intentions. A great look into to genius minds.

Death Note, Volume 3: Hard Run Tsugumi Ohba

So, L has placed 64 microphones and cameras in Light's room. They're tricky to work around, but nothing Light can't handle is Ryuk can lay off the apples for awhile.

Meanwhile, L has approached Light at school and started to forge a friendship. Light knows L suspects him and is constantly aware of being watched and scrutinized.

Then, Light's father has a heart attack. Light knows it's not Kira, but it also seems there's a new Kira in town-- one that threatens to blow everything out of the water.

Death Note, Volume 4: Love

The new Kira has tracked Light down and fallen madly in love with him, much to Light's chagrin. But, the new Kira has Shinigami eyes, so she may be helpful after all.

Meanwhile, L has asked Light to join the taskforce, but still highly suspects him, which Light knows.

Things are getting good here, but I have to say, Misa Misa annoys me. She's so annoyingly girly. The only good thing is I think she annoys Light as well.

Death Note, Vol. 5: Whiteout

Misa Misa and Light have both given up their Deathnotes. They no longer have any memories of anything, or of being Kira.

Too bad that as soon as Light went into lockup, all the killings stopped so L suspects him more than ever. To compensate, L has handcuffed himself to Light at all times.

But a new crime wave has hit. Not only are criminals dying, but so are strategic businessmen. It all leads to a group of 8 young men at the Yotsuba corporation.

Misa and Light have no idea how Kira's working, but the investigation is heating up.

Light's given up the deathnote, which means no more Ryuk, which is too bad. I liked him. I hope we get more in the future.

Death Note, Volume 6: Give-And-Take

L has Misa infiltrate the Yotsuba group to see which one of them is Kira. The new Kira has Rem's notebook. Rem respected what Misa did with the book but is sick at how the new guy is treating it. Rem touches her with the notebook, so she (Rem's a she!) can talk to Misa again.

Rem tells Misa everything. Rem wants Light to succeed, and tells Misa to follow Light's plans exactly. But Misa doesn't listen.

Light still doesn't know he's Kira, but L suspects him more than ever.

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