Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Forgotten Books...

You have a massive home library right? Kimbooktu wants to see it! Send her a picture!

Here are some random reviews of books I read too long ago and don't really remember...

Snap by Alison McGhee

Edwina is a big OCD, I think. Her arm is covered in rubber bands to remind her of things. Covering her mouth when she laughs, not to tip back in chairs... whenever she forgets one, *snap*. In addition there are the lists that order her life. Edwina's friend Sally's grandmother, Willie, is dying. Without Willie, who will take care of Sally? What Sally needs is support and someone to be there, but Edwina hates change so much, she'd rather ignore what's going on than be a good friend.

Well written, but it in the end, it just left me underwhelmed. Maybe if it was longer, but, I was pretty bored by the end. It never grabbed me.

Dear Baby Girl by Jane Orcutt

This was my first forray into Christian fiction. Merrilee is 15 and pregnant. Recently orphaned, she's on her way to Austin to have her baby and put it up for adoption. The book changes view points between Merrilee and the letters she's writing to her unborn child, and the couple who will be adopting the baby.

The God aspect didn't bother me. What bothered me was this:

Merrilee lived in a trailer with her mom, a woman with a, er, reputation. One day, Merrilee goes to the lake with her mom's boyfriend's son, who rapes her, she ends up pregnant. When her mom finds out how Merrilee got knocked up, she commits suicide.

Why is it in books on teen pregnancy, the girls are always poor and from the wrong side of the tracks? And if they're "good girls" they're NEVER good girls who made a mistake, but rather rape victims?

And the ending? Gargh.

That, and Merrilee was pretty flat as a character. I mean, after such a crappy thing, I think it would have been MUCH more believable if Merrilee had just once questioned her faith, or at least was a little angry at God for testing her in such a manner.


Kristin said...

After reading several Christian historical romance novels (for those patrons who insist on getting large print historical Christian romance novels in a series), I noted that the authors like to have their heroines "raped" in the kidnapping sense of the word.

(notes plot point should I ever feel the need to write one of those)

Jennie said...


Are you going to the Fforde thing? Because I'm totally skipping class and we should grab a drink or something afterwards.

Kristin said...

Yes! I am planning on going. My friend who is over in England and I have worked out a deal whereas I buy the US edition and get it signed for her and she does the same with the UK version (she's done her part). Because, those are the editions that we collect and she's not here to do the US signing with me.

So, yes, I will be there, so hopefully we can get together then!

(Sorry about the lateness in replying, work has been rather hectic this past week.)