Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hour 48

Well, I'm done. There will be a full recap tomorrow, as per the rules, but here are the totals:

Hours spent reading/blogging: 26.5
# of books read: 9 full, 2 partial
# of pages read: 2,213

My last full book was...

All I Want Is Everything (Gossip Girl, 3) Cecily von Ziegesar (215 pages)

I really like the Gossip Girl series. I didn't think I would, so I didn't read it for a long time until it showed up on the ALA list of most-banned books in 2006. I LOVE it. I wrote a post about it for Geek Buffet awhile back.

This is guilty, trashy reading at it's finest. You get hooked on the characters-- who cares that they're not good role models? Most of them are horrible people-- you're fascinated with them but you'd never want to be them. Kinda like Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan.

They're always drunk. Or stoned. When they're not air kissing each other, they're talking trash behind their best friends backs and sleeping with their boyfriends. I love it.

We have:

Blair, a bitch with perfect taste and dark hair who is majorly uptight, a bit neurotic, and slightly bulemic...
Serena, tall, blond, gorgeous and a free spirit who doesn't let a lot get to her...
Jenny, young, sweet, naive with a massic rack
Kati and Isabel are lower hangers-on in the circuit
Vanessa dark with a shaved head, hates the rich kids
Dan, Jenny's brother and a tightly wond, wounded artist tortued soul type who chain smokes and drinks way too much coffee
Nate, hott and always stoned, clueless
Chuck, slimey hornball
Anthony, Charlie, and Jeremy lower hangers-on

The frame of the stories is Gossip, a page 6 type online gossip column where Gossip Girl spills the dirt and answers emails from loyal readers with their tips. Gossip Girl is also the narrator of the series and you have to love her wonderfully snarky tone:

He had yellow hair. Not blond yellow, but yellow like a person's snot when they're seriously sick.

I feel I should review the first two though, even though I read them yonks ago. Well, as far as quality the first 3 books are all the same and I loved them, so really, plot summaries:

Gossip Girl Cecily von Ziegesar

Serena has just gotten kicked out of boarding school and is looking forward to hanging out with her friends again, especially Blair, and returning to her snooty school, Constance Billiard. But Blair has kinda enjoyed the spotlight ever since her taller, thinner, blonder, prettier best friend has been away and doesn't want to give it up. The rumors, and the fur, fly.

You Know You Love Me Cecily von Ziegesar

Ugh. So, Blair's mother is marrying her tacky, overweight boyfriend Cyrus. On Blair's 17th birthday, which everyone seems to have forgotten it is. Jenny's hanging out with Nate in the park. Dan's obsessing over Serena who's starting to get a little weirded out. And everyone's off interviewing for colleges. The college interviews are hilarious. All of them. Hysterical.

Gossip Girl #3: All I Want is Everything

It's Christmas! Jenny and Nate are still going strong. Maybe. Serena has a hott rock star obsessing over her. Vanessa wants sex. Dan wants it to be special. Aaron has the hots for his stepsister, Blair has attracted the unwanted attention of his best friend. And oh, do Blair's mom and Cyrus have a bombshell for the "happpy" family...

Then, I had a few more minutes, so I read the first 18 pages of

Harriet Tubman, Secret Agent: How Daring Slaves and Free Blacks Spied for the Union During the Civil War Thomas R. Allen More about that when I finish it.

But for now, it's dinner time, and I need to call my mom, because I totally blew her off this afternoon.

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