Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hour 45 and a half

Hours into challenge: 45.5
Hours spent reading/blogging: 24
# Books Read: 8 total, 1 partial
# Pages Read: 1980

Diary of a Fairy Godmother Esme Raji Codell 170 pages

Hunky Dory is the at the top of her class in charm school. Her mother knows that she will grow up to be the wickedest witch wherever the four winds blow...

But then, Hunky discovers that what gives her the most satisfaction is granting wishes, and witches don't get satisfaction from granting wishes. Fairy godmothers do. What's Hunky to do?

Funny and smart, with a cast of familiar characters, this book was great. I especially liked spoiled Golidlocks. The illustrations by Drazen Kozjan add a lot. It contains a recipie for booger cookies at the end and an excellent supplemental reading list.

Also, check out Esme's awesome blog.

We're into the final stretches-- 2.5 more hours. I hope I can finish another book in the time!

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