Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hour 44

Hours into challenge: 44
Hours spent reading/blogging: 22 and 1/2
# books read: 7 full, 1 partial
# pages read: 1810

The Salem Witch Tryouts Kelly McClymer

Pru, short for Prudence, has always known she's half witch and living in a mortal world in Beverly Hills. But when her younger brother can't control his magic, her parents decide to embrace their magical side and ship the family off to Salem, for a proper magical education. Suddenly Pru, who has been very good about following her mom's no-magic rules finds herself in remedial spell casting classes. She might have been the Queen Bee in Beverly Hills, but here she's a big, fat Zero.

She was head cheerleader back home, so making the squad here should be easy-peasy and up her cool quotient, right? Not when the routines are all done mid-air...

This is a fun book that looks like the first in a series BUT! Prudence is totally obsessed with whether she's cool or not. Except she says "kewl". Ew. When one of her mortal-obsessed friends says her cell phone is "neat" her response is

Another annoying trait of Samuel's is that he likes to use archaic mortal phrases

from the girl who says "kewl" and never once "cool". Argh.

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