Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hour 41.5

Hours into challenge: 41.5
Hours spent reading/blogging: 20 hours, 55 minutes
# books read: 6 full, 1 partial
# pages read: 1550

In the Cards: Love Mariah Fredericks 270 pages

When weird old Mrs. Rosemont dies, she leaves Anna her deck of tarot cards and a cat. Anna and her best friends Eve and Syd do a tarot reading to see what the future holds for Anna and her crush object-- freak turned uber-cool Declan. What does fate have in store? And is it really all about fate?

There's a lot of stuff in here about navigating an iron-clad clique system and dealing with parents and balancing friends with boyfriends and dealing with bullies. It's not bad. I probably won't die to pick up the rest of the series though. Partly because they took the tarot cards way too seriously. The plot hinged on them obsessing over what this one tarot reading said, but... dude. They cared way too much.

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