Thursday, June 07, 2007

Crazy Time

Happy Birthday or Whatever: Track Suits, Kim Chee, and Other Family Disasters by Annie Choi

To paraphrase Tolstoy, Boring families are all alike. Crazy families are crazy in their own way.

And everyone's family is crazy, but it takes a special author to make you, the reader he or she has never met, love their crazy family, laugh at the craziness, and kinda want to hang out with them.

David Sedaris has this special gift. Annie Choi has is in spades. Whether talking about her mother's battle the breast cancer, failing Korean school, or surviving the entire family on New Year's day, Choi will have you squirting milk out your nose with laughter. (Really, my coworkers, who tend to look at me oddly anyway, because, well, most people look at me oddly, were really staring as I laughed hysterically over this book over lunch this past week.)

Trust me on this one and just read it, ok?

Check out the first chapter.

Check out her blog

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