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Abadazad: The Road to Inconceivable - Book #1 J. M. DeMatteis and Mike Ploog

Abadazad is a franchise of books, movies, action figures and tv shows...

Kate's brother Matt loved Abadazad, and even though she likes to act like she's too old for such stuff, Kate does to. One afternoon, Kate takes Matt to their fair where he goes on a boat ride but then, when the boats come around the circle, Matt's not on his. He's just... gone.

Five years later, Kate's mom is still looking for her missing son, but Kate knows he's dead and can't stand the way her mother won't face reality and the truth and start to move on with her life.

Then, Kate meets the old woman in her building. She claims that Abadazad is real, and she's been there. The books are based on the stories of her adventures she told to a family friend. Kate thinks she's crazy, but when the old woman dies, she leaves Kate a blue crystal-- the key to entering Abadazad.

And, wouldn't you know. The darn thing works.

What's great about this series is the mixture of mediums in Kate's enchanted diary. Not only to you have the pages Kate wrote, complete with the words she crosses out (some for spelling, some for changing her mind about what she wants to say about something), but you also have superb illustrations as well as graphic novel pages and pages from the original Abadazad books. Abadazad itself is rather reminiscent of Oz (as is the back story of it's role in modern culture) but it still makes me wish that the original Abadazad books exsisted in our world, because I kinda want to read them.

Next up is Abadazad: The Dream Thief - Book #2

Kate knows Matt is out there, somewhere, trapped in Abadazad. The lanky man has him, and is stealing his dreams. Kate has to find him. But how?

More of the same adventure, mystery, and wacky, original (and some very creepy) characters.

Here's my main question-- Where the Heck is Book #3, The Puppet, the Professor, and the Prophet?! We got the first 2 titles in late summer/early fall of 2006. I remember reading them and Amazon always telling me Book #3 was ready for pre-order (I remember it being out in December? Maybe?) but then it just kinda disappeared. I wasn't going to pre-order and instead wait for the library to get it. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Now I check Amazon and it's just not there. At all. Bye bye Book #3. The Official Abadazad Site and the Hyperion Site both list it as being out as of 3/31/2007 but I'll be darned if I can find it!

Interesting twist-- Powell's says that Book #4: Historcery is available this month. WTF?!

Does anyone know what's going on here?!

Along those same lines, whatever happened to the next Princess School book that was supposed to come out last December? Scholastic doesn't even seem to remember ever having a series called Princess School (everything except purchasing options have seem to disappeared from the site). And when o when o when are the next two Lady Grace mysteries hopping across the pond?

Seriously, I'm going to start writing some letters to publishers and demanding some answers. You can't get me hooked on a series and then just randomly stop publishing it in the middle. That's just cruel.

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