Friday, April 13, 2007

Let us press the soles of our feet together...

A Bokonon Calypso:

I wanted all things
To seem to make some sense,
So we could all be happy, yes,
Instead of tense.
And I made up lies
So that they all fit nice,
And I made this sad world
A par-a-dise.

- Kurt Vonnegut

I first read Cat's Cradle for my Modern American Lit class in high school. When I was in China, about halfway through the semester, we had run out of English language novels and were too poor to buy more. I begged my parents for books and they sent me a box of Vonnegut and Steinbeck and everyone was jealous of my bounty. (Yes, I shared)

And really, no one can draw an anus like him:


And now he's gone...

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