Monday, November 20, 2006


Pooh. After Alyson Noel commented here, on my own little blog, the day after I reviewed her Art Geeks and Prom Queens, I've had a slightly over infated sense of self. And as such, I was really hoping that Bloomsbury read my plea for an "I am Kiki Strike" T-Shirt and they would have contacted me by now. *sigh*

In other, better news, tomorrow night I am leaving and am spending the next week in fantabulous (at least, I hope it will be) Istanbul (not Constantinople). (Yes, we are spending Turkey day IN TURKEY. HA!) I have been saving all 1024 pages of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell for this trip, but I'm starting to think that will all that airplane time, it will not be enough. So... what else to take? Do I take the reading I have to do, knowing I will burn through it? Or take some of the big, thick inviting tomes that have been waiting patiently for me, such as Big Breasts & Wide Hips? How much suitcase room can I devote to books anyway? Who needs underwear? I'm well read.

Last night I finishedThe Truth about Forever and it was perfectly fine. To put it in Macy's words, it was fine. Just fine.

And becaue of that, it was so dissapointing because the whole time it was perched on the edge of earth-shattering greatness... and it just never got there.

Macy's dad died a year and a half ago and she and her mother have never fully grieved. Her perfect boyfriend is spending the summer at Brain Camp and dumps her over email. (Wait, they're on a break.) Her co-workers at the library and bitchy and hate her. Then she starts hanging out with the Wish Catering crew and working for them after work and everything starts to change...

Well written, it stayed safe and predictable and it was really good, but so close to being so much better and just lacking that je ne said quoi that in the end, I can muster now more than a "meh".

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