Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mean Girls

Remember back when Lindsey Lohan was hott and didn't look like she was completely cracked out? Yeah. Me too. These books remind me of Mean Girls.

Rhymes with Witches Lauren Myracle

The Bitches are the coolest girls in school--you have to like them. There are 3--one from each year. There will be 4 once they pick a freshman. Jane wants to be a Bitch. She can't help it--everyone does. She is shocked when they actually pick her though! Jane is the new freshman Bitch and everyone wants to be her frient--everyone except Alicia who was her only girl friend before Jane was chosen. They can't help it though--everyone likes the Bitches.

But, as it turns out, everyone else really can't help it. The Bitches are popular because they've cast a spell on the student body. Every week, the Bitches have to steal something from another girl and sacrifice it. Just something small, like a barrette or some lip gloss, but the sacrifice will suck out the victims popularity and give it to the Bitch who stole from her. Can Jane really go that far? And why is their school infested with feral cats?

I could not put this book down, which is weird, because I hated it. Really really thought it sucked. But I had to finish it anyway. I didn't care about Jane. You're supposed to feel bad for Alicia, the ditched former best friend, but she was annoying and clingy and an attention whoore. It was obvious Jane didn't like her even before the Bitches picked her up.

The ending wasn't happy and yet it was still contrived and forced and it happier than it should have been. The characters are annoying and flat and it's just not well written. The plot, however, is oddball enough that you'll want to see what happens. Just try not and poke your eyes out on the way.

In a similiar Mean Girls-type vein, but done much better, is Alyson Noel's Art Geeks and Prom Queens.

Rio is kinda a loser who moves from New York to Orange County. Her mom is a former almost-famous super-model and pressures Rio to wear the in and trendy clothes...

Rio finally gives in, starts dressing hott and makes friends with the popular girls, leaving behind the first few friends she made in art class. Rio eventually usurps Kristen's position as most popular girl in school and Kristin will do anything to get that power back...

I liked this one better because for one, the quality of writing is just superior. Also, I like the fact that it's realistic and doesn't include odd rituals-- these girls "earn" their popularity in the same bizarre way that everyone else does. (Have any of us figured out what that way is, exactly?). Also, even though Art Geeks and Prom Queens has a totally happy ending, it's the one we were rooting for and it works...

Afternote: So, I had hand written out this update and then typed it up later, but I took a break between the 2 books. I know I had more to say about Art Geeks and Prom Queens but I'll be darned if I can remember... or find the piece of paper I wrote it all down on... ah well.

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Hey Jennie-
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