Monday, April 24, 2006

Full Stop

On Saturday (a day that was pouring down rain) I read Julius Lester's Day of Tears

It says it is a "novel told in dialogue" in that it's written as a series of monologues and dialogues. Emma is the daughter of Mattie and Will, two slaves on Pierce Butler's Georgian plantation. To pay off his gambling debts, Pierce holds the biggest slave auction ever held, selling over 400 people, including Emma, but not Will or Mattie. When the two-day auction starts, the worst rain in history starts up and stays going until it's done. Moving and well-done, I highyl recommend and see this becoming a staple in junior high classrooms.

Bird by Bird : Some Instructions on Writing and Life

I finished reading Anne LaMott's book on life and writing this weekend and absolutely loved it. I don't have anything really in depth to say, but I laughed out loud, I cried, and I got my journal out again and am back to work on a really really shitty first draft.

I'm also working on Carolyn Keene's The Secret of the Old Clock

I get such a guilty pleasure out of the Nancy Drew Graphic Novels that I thought I'd read the originals... man... these are really poorly written. What I really love is that in the first chapter, the Turner sisters say that their phone is out of order, but the next day, Nancy calls them. EXCELLENT. The main thing I've noticed though is that they've put 2 spaces after every sentence. When was the last time you saw that? (and this is the 2002 printing!!!)

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Dana Watson said...

It's even more fun to compare the "original" Nancy Drews to the actual original 1930/40s printings, because they all got updated several times starting in the 60s, to make them less dated and more "relevant." I have a lot of the really original ones, and they are much more fun to read. Of course, when I set about reading all the original series the library had in middle school, I read them in backwards order, just to be different.