Thursday, January 12, 2006

I exsist, but do my readers?

So... I thought I'd do this blog more. More for my benefit more than anything. An online reading journal, if you will.

So, so far this year, I have read the following...

Boy Meets Boy David Levithan

A quirky love story that takes place in a town where the drag queens have their own clique (and one is the star quarterback), being gay isn't a big deal, and the cheerleaders drive motorcycles. It's sweet, it's fun, and really, really quirky. I enjoyed.

Catherine, Called Birdy (rpkg) (Trophy Newbery) Karen Cushman (100 best books!)

Catherine is headstrong and independant in England of 1290. A good historical fiction on life in the middle ages, and just plain funny. I had a hard time putting it down! I particularily enjoyed the fact that she had gotten ahold of a book of saints, and includes the saints day for every entry in her dairy, which leads to hilarious things like: Feast of Saint Malo, a bishop who sang psalms to his horse and Feast of Saint Cecilia, who refused to sacrifice to pagan gods and was suffocated in her bathing room.

Visions and Longings : Medieval Women Mystics Monica Furlong, ed. (non fiction!)

A good introduction and anthology of writings on Medieval female mystics. Each author had a good introduction with biographical notes and exploration of her role in the church and how her work was and has been percieved and recieved over the years. Contains the entire short text of Julian of Norwich's Showings, which I enjoyed after going to her room in Norwich during a non debauched section of an otherwise completely debaucherous weekend at East Anglia University. We also ate the Adam and Eve pub which dates from the 1300s and has been the site of a drinking establishement since something ancient, like 500AD. They had good fish.

Bindi Babes (Bindi Babes (Paperback)) Narinder Dhami

A funny story about 3 Indian girls in London trying to cope with the death of their mother and an interfering Auntie who moves in from India. Funny.

Bollywood Babes (Bindi Babes) Narinder Dhami

The Dhillon sisters are back! And they've invited a washed up Bollywood star to stay with them who expects Auntie to wait on her, might steal away Mr. Arora, or worse, their Dad. Ack. I'm also excited to see that in England, Bhangra Babes (Bindi Babes) has just come out, so I'm waiting not-so-patiently for it to come out here. WANT.

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