Wednesday, January 25, 2006

5 years later...

SO! I finished The Unredeemed Captive, which was a reading assingment due in the Spring of 2000. Whatever, I eventually read it, so it's all good.

In all, I enjoyed this book. Early Colonial History is not generally my area of expertise or even interest, but it was written well enough and the story was captivating enough that I did track the book down 5 years after I was supposed to read it, so that should count for something.

Basically, Eunice Williams was taking captive during a French and Indian raid on Deerfield, Mass. in 1704 at the age of 4. Two of her brothers were killed in the raid, her parents (her father being a prominent minister) and the rest of her siblings were also taken. Her mother was killed on the journey to Canada but the rest of the family survived and was eventually returned to New England, except Eunice, who stayed with her new Indian family, became a Catholic, and eventually married an Indian man.

The story unfolds with the efforts of the Williams family and their friends to get Eunice back to Massachusetts (efforts that continue until Eunice is a grandmother!!) but also tells the story of Contential tensions and how they played out in the colonies, Coloniziers and the people who were here first, clashing cultures and finding peace and evolving.

This is not pop history, or written for a mainstream audience, so some might find it dense and dry, but I thought it was fascinating.

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