Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Can you Keep a Secret

I finished Sophie Kinsella's Can you Keep a Secret this weekend. It was cute. Fun. British Chick-Lit.

I started David Sedaris's Dress your Family in Denim and Courderoy but it got packed. Erm. So I'm going to pick it up from the library tonight.

I also started Rudyard Kipling's Kim, but am still reading the 50 page intro by Said. I hate reading intros, because they inevitably give away the end of the book, but, I can never be bothered to go back and read them. So lazy am I.

I, like most people, am eagerly awating Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Due to moving and crappy circumstances, I will NOT have my book on Saturday. It will be mailed to me on Saturday. Such things make me want to scream, but, such is life, and I'm a big girl, so I will take a big breath and deal with it, or, just scream all the louder.

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